Visible Language (The Journal of Typographic Research), Vol 01, 01, January 1967


Content includes:
Effects of Three Typographical Variables on Speed Reading, Richard H. Wiggins
The Diacritical Marking System and Comparison with the Initial Teaching Alphabet, Edward Fry
Printing for the Visually Handicapped, J. H. Prince
Line Scan Standards for Characters and Symbols, C. F. Duncan
Practical Optical Character Recognition, M. Nadler
Typographical Effects by CRT Typesetting Systems, F. C. Holland
Readability as a Function of the Straightness of Right-hand Margins, R. Fabrizio, I. R. Kaplan and G. Teal G.
Secondary Uses of Letters in Language, Yakov Malkiel

Format: Magazine
Designer/s: Jack Stauffacher
Year: 1967
Size: 154mm x 233mm

Design Format: Magazine
Designed in the 1960s
Part of the series: The Journal of Typographic Research, Visible Language