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Advertising by the typography class headed by Albrecht Ade, 1961

Design History Workshops

I have inspired students both locally and internationally including Milan from the IED, Istituto Europeo di Design, LABASAD (Barcelona School of Arts and Design). Arts Univeristy Bournemouth, Leeds Beckett and many more educational institutions. They’re meticulously curated with my extensive archive, offered either via live video or in-person settings, featuring hundreds of design artefacts that serve as a catalyst for discourse.

In addition to delivering lectures on graphic design history, I provide valuable insights into industry practices and running a design agency.

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Explore the Archive

My collection boasts over 5,000 artifacts spanning 150 years of graphic design history. From rare graphic and architecturally focused periodicals like Typografia, Architectural Design, and Typographische Monatsblatter to National Theatre programs designed by Ken Briggs, mid-century colorful folded maps, and illustrated German film posters by Hans Hillmann.

Matt Lamont and the Design Reviewed Archive is use for a Educational Workshop