Documenting the history of graphic design

Documenting the history of graphic design from a personal, growing archive and a series of lectures and workshops.

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the graphic design archive - design reviewed

The Graphic Design Archive

Hi, my name is Matt Lamont and I have collected printed matter for over a decade. Design Reviewed is a personal project dedicated to digitally preserving graphic design history and documenting the vast visual culture from the last century.

My current collection of design artefacts contains over 5,000 artefacts of printed matter, spanning 150 years of graphic design history. From rare graphic and architecturally focused periodicals such as Typografia, Architectural Design and Typographische Monatsblatter and National Theatre programmes designed by Ken Briggs. To mid-century colourful folded maps and illustrated German film posters designed by Hans Hillmann.

It’s my aim to digitise my entire design collection, whilst offering easy-to-digest articles and interviews to inspire anyone interested in graphic design history.

Historic Graphic Design Articles

A selection of graphic design articles based on the design artefacts in the archive. Articles discussing aspects of design such as logos, advertisements, posters and book covers. Explore historical context and its impact on the field of graphic design.

By drawing on historical design artefacts, the articles provide valuable insight into the evolution of graphic design as a discipline and its ongoing impact on visual culture.

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The advertising agency played a crucial role in shaping consumer culture by acting as a bridge between businesses and the media and was stated to have started in the mid-19th century.

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His distinctive style echoes the artistic expressions of fellow Italian designers Giovanni Pintori and Erberto Carboni. Tovaglia's mastery in taking concepts and translating them into visually compelling narratives is evident in this selection of advertisements I have scanned from Gebrauchsgraphik, 10, 1955.

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One of Otl Aicher's lesser-known works was the identity and publicity for the Gastein Valley. Gastein valley was a resort for the elderly, an Austrian Alpine village in the Austrian state of Salzburg
Armin Hofmann's publicity for the Stadttheater Basel. The client, in this case, the Municipal Theater of Basel, refused to listen to narrow-minded critics, in spite of the fact that as a state-subsidized enterprise it is accountable to public opinion.

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A total of 24 posters were created for the campaign during 1964, using the arrow symbol as a key features, representing power, motion and speed. The handmade lithographs use up to 19 colours, which were individually printed at large scale. The posters also utilise the brand colours red and yellow from Shells corporate identity.

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KLM's brand evolution by Henrion Design Associates. Founded in 1919, KLM is the world's oldest operating airline. In 1961, Henrion Design Associates redesigned the iconic brand, overcoming challenges of standardisation and outdated aesthetics.
Leeds Beckett University students utilising the design archive

Graphic Design History Workshops and Lectures​

I can bring a selection of the archive to your organisation/class and provide an interactive/tactile presentation. This approach allows participants to engage with the artefacts in a tangible way, providing an engaging learning experience.

Design history lectures can also be conducted online to reach audiences overseas for remote learning opportunities and flexibility, providing a more accessible learning experience.