Gebrauchsgraphik, 8, 1960


Content includes:
Alexandre Alexandre – Antoni Clavé – Stage-settings and Gebrauchsgraphik Graphic Advertising Art
Eberhard Hölscher – German Posters 1959/60
Remigius Netzer – Wilhelm Neufeld- Illustrations for Goethe’s «Faust-
J. J. Meyer – Leaders for English Tele-Broadcasts
Carl Heussner – New Departure in Automobile Advertising
Eberhard Hölscher – Old Polish Wood-Cuts
Ludwig Ebenhöh – Barbara and Hannes Geissler – Graphic Advertising Art
Hans Kuh – New Devotional Pictures from America
Alexandre Alexandre – Wine labels by French Painters
«Neue Haas-Grotesk» – a type of the Haas’sche Gießerei, Münchenstein Switzerland

Format: Magazine
Year: 1960
Client/Publisher: Bruckmann Verlag
Size: 230mm x 297mm