Graphik – Werbung + Formgebung, 10, 1953


Content includes:
Hermann Bendixen – Technical advertising – desire and reality
Bert Weißenburg – Representation without boredom
Hans Neuburg – Miracle of technology – interpreted in advertising
Dr. Heinrich König – Industrial Aesthetics
E. O. Genzsch – Great Britain’s information and advertising for exports
Dr. jur. E. Henssler – The fee process for the graphic designer and the advertising consultant

Editor: Dr. A. Wannemacher
Graphic design: Maiwald Stuttgart
Set and printed at Offizindruck AG Stuttgart
Printing of the cover Kast + Ehinger GmbH, printing ink factories, Stuttgart-Feuerbach


Format: Magazine
Year: 1953
Client/Publisher: Verlag Maiwald Stuttgart
Size: 210mm x 300mm