Olle Eksell – Tryckeri AB Björkmans Eftr, Stockholm, 1984



Presentation of the collaboration between Olle Eksell and Björkmans, designed by Olle Eksell. Folder with Swedish & English text.

“This folder is designed by Olle Eksell, one of Sweden’s leading designers and a specialist in characterising his employers and their thoughts as birds and pens. Ole Eksell has co-operated with Björkmans since the 50’s. Some facts about Olle Eksell: Studied for Hugo Steiner-Prag in 1939 and 1941. Contributor of articles, illustrations and pieces in newspapers and magazines since 1952. Participated in design exhibitions around the world. His book Design – Economy, printed at Björkmans, was awarded a silver medal in Leipzig 1965. His latest book Corporate Design Programs was published in 1967 by Reinhold Publishing Corporation in New York and Studio Vista in London.
Olle Eksell is president of Alliance Graphique Internationale in Sweden. He is active within the whole spectrum of the graphic field and has specialised in creating corporate identity programs for banks and larger companies.”


Format: Folder/Brochure
Designer/s: Olle Eksell
Year: 1984
Client/Publisher: Björkmans
Size: 208mm x 223mm