Content includes:
The Snow Will Give You Beautiful Colors
Mural painting decorating the civil tomb of Nakht. The Harvest.
Carl Erickson: An “Old France” American Gentleman
Appreciated Gifts, Cigars and Cigarettes from the Régie Française
For Christmas and New Year’s Gifts: Give your Children “Little Ones and Big Ones”
Erickson’s drawing of a dress by Paquin for “Vogue”
The Weaving of Warp Tapestry
The “Matura” Series Created for Use on Lanston Monotype Machines
Plate from “Little Ones and Big Ones” [two chimpanzees]
Carnival Paintings
Arthur Rimbaud and Roger de la Fresnaye
Édouard Vuillard from Three Letters and Two Portraits
Ink drawing by Dunoyer de Segonzac to illustrate “Tales of Day and Night”
Johann Grüninger: Printer and Publisher at Strasbourg
Frontispiece of “Virgil” by Johan Grüninger (1502)
Plate from “Submersion” album of 49 unpublished pen drawings by Toulouse-Lautrec
Bookshop Posters
“Sayings of a Candy-Maker”
Cover by Jacquelin for “Radio-Phono”
Advertising card for Otto Kösler from Stuttgart
Labels published by Fletcher et Ellis, Inc.
Delacroix and Persian Art
Photography 39
Typography at the Museum of Man
Birth of the Society of Men of Letters: 1858
The Dangers of the Printery
Booksellers and Second-hand Booksellers in Ancient Rome
Toulouse-Lautrec: “Submersion”
Vaugirard Printery Is the Typographic Press of Arts et Métiers Graphiques
The Eternal Actuality of Plastic Art


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Arts et Metiers Graphiques, 65, 1938
Arts et Metiers Graphiques, 65, 1938
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Theo Häussler's commercial art is distinguished by its clear and disciplined form and its distinct advertising message.

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I first came across Kens work in the Unit Edition’s superb monograph, Structure and Substance, published in 2012. Although I had owned a few of the British industrial design magazines, Design, for a few years before, in which Ken had designed numerous covers for.
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