Eye, Issue 022, Autumn 1996

Eye, Issue 022, Autumn 1996


What did you do in the design studio today, daddy? – Design education, Graphic design, Visual culture, Agenda, Abbott Miller
Graphic designers are convinced of the profession’s importance. Now they have to convince everyone else
The myth of real time – Screen, Jessica Helfand
In her first report, Eye’s new media columnist asks why, when it comes to time, we equate ‘real’ with ‘fast’
Reputations: Dan Fern by Rick Poynor
‘A lot of illustration sits very awkwardly alongside the contemporary digital typography scene. It can look naive, almost folksy’
Penguin science fiction covers by uncredited author
David Pelham’s covers for Penguin’s science fiction titles gave a frowned-upon genre a strong literary presence
The portable art space by Anne Burdick
Designers who collaborate with artists and curators on catalogues must negotiate a complicated web of interests
Play-centre of the avant-garde by Christian Küsters
At the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, design reflects a developing sense of identity and purpose
Type fashion fusion by Julia Thrift
A stylist, a photographer and a typographer celebrate the look and feel of exceptional clothes
Dumb by Will Novosedlik
Are designers who proclaim the end of print turning their backs on design’s critical purpose and cultural role?
This signifier is loaded by Rick Poynor
Zurich designer Cornel Windlin is a fluent graphic stylist and a playful manipulator of communication codes
Big ideas that built America by Steven Heller
In the 1950s and 1960s, American art directors led a creative revolution. Thier secret weapon was the Big Idea
Page creation minus the fuss by Nico Macdonald
Web editors are the hot property of the moment, but which ones make the best long-term investment?

Eye, Issue 022, Autumn 1996
Eye, Issue 022, Autumn 1996

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