Film Kunst Grafik, 2007

Film Kunst Grafik, Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum, 2007


by Jens Müller Karen Weiland, Deutsches Filmmuseum (Series Editor)
FilmKunstGrafik is the only comprehensive study of the new German film graphics of the sixties and documents the exciting symbiosis of film and design using impressive examples.
366 pages
Language: German
ISBN-10: 3887990447
ISBN-13: 978-3887990442

Fantastic volume with the visual history of Atlas Films, Constantin Film, Neue Filmkunst Walter and Kirchner. Visual examples and chapters include the work of Ferry Ahrlé, Franz Mon, Karl Oskar Blase, Heinz Edelmann, Fischer-Nosbisch, Hans Hillmann, Jan Lenica, Michel + Kieser, Isolde Monson-Baumgart, Rambow + Lienemeyer and Wolfgang Schmidt.

Film Kunst Grafik, 2007
Film Kunst Grafik, 2007

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