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The Beauty of Otsu Paintings Folk Paintings / Jinichi Suzuki
World Design Conference (ICSID’73 KYOTO) / Masaru Katsumi
Design Forum ’73 / Shigeo Fukuda
True face Kazumasa Nagai / Masataka Ogawa
Alphabet architectural technique: An achievement of the Barocco era / Masaru Katsumi
Concrete Poetry: Its origins and its relationship with Japan / Shutaro Mukai
Swedish designer Kurt Grön / Akio Kanda
Trademark Thoughts / Jacques Richet
Thomas Beirle’s recent works
About Muneharu Satomi / Fumio Yamana


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 Graphic Design 52, 1974. Cover design by Yuito Nadamoto
Graphic Design 52, 1974. Cover design by Yuito Nadamoto
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From the design archive:
From the design archive:
From the design archive:
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Many influential British designers have made their names in the history books. Abram Games, Alan Fletcher, Tom Eckersley and Derek Birdsall, to name a few. But one designer that has always influenced me, not only as inspiration from their design output, but as an example of the role of a designer and the importance of having strong ethics, is Ken Garland. He is known for his innovative and socially responsible approach to graphic design and his involvement in the design community through his teaching, writing and activism. In the second instalment of this series, I will discuss Ken Garland's magazine work from my collection.
I have been reproached for this, and I will surely be reproached again. I have also been reproached for reading more and more obscure works whose readership must be limited to a handful of specialists and a few hobbyists like myself. It’s a heavy passion or a passion that sucks.

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Ian McLaren and Ken Briggs produced exceptional work for a range of clients in the arts and culture sector. Their client included CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament), The National Theatre and the Arts Council.
Simon Dixon is the co-founder of DixonBaxi and has been at the forefront of exceptional design from the start of his carreer. This year, DixonBaxi, celebrated twenty years in business, and their team of forty work with clients such as WWE, MAX, Premier League, Channel 4 and Netflix.