Content includes:
Mitsumasa Anno / Mitsumasa Anno
Japanese hyper-realism special
Hyper-Realism and Graphic Design / Shinichi Segi
Redesign / Masaru Katsumi
Old Tombstone Designs of the Eastern United States
new york report
 Soho artist / Aijiro Wakita
 Farming Out / Jun Kanai
Illustrator’s collective bargaining / Yoko Mitsuhashi
American Monthly / Akira Kojima
Corporate Identities of Two American Airlines / Tadahisa Nishio
Professor Daucher’s / Yukio Ohta
Design Travelogue 1 Brno Biennale / Masaru Katsumi (6th International Graphic Design Biennale)

Graphic Design / グラフィックデザイン, delved into the world of graphic design and visual culture. The magazine featured a broad range of content, including coverage of cutting-edge Japanese design and its history, as well as international graphic design.


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Graphic Design 55, 1974
Graphic Design 55, 1974. Cover design by Shigeo Fukuda
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From the design archive:
From the design archive:
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Collected Japanese ephemera From the late 1920s to the mid-1930s, from Japan's transformative period, with its robust industrial force accompanied by an increase in consumer culture.
The covers of the periodical ALMANAQUE, which was published in Lisbon, are perfect examples of this pleasure in the unusual and the force of with which all sorts of foreign influences are assimilated.

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Nikon commissioned Yusaku Kamekura to design numerous posters, packaging designs and advertisements for Nikon. His used abstract forms, an impactful use of colours, along with his skilful reduction of messaging.

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Publimondial was founded André Roulleaux in 1942 and remained in circulation until 1960. The French journal was published by Art et Publications and was subtitled ‘The Magazine of Graphic Arts and Advertising Technique’.