Editor in chief: Yoshihisa Ishihara
Assistant Editor: Tadashi Hamada
Editorial Cooperation: Ohchi Design Office and Midori Imatake
Cover Design: Miriam Wosk

Content includes:
Miriam Wosk by Milton Glaser
Art Attack by Takenobu Igarashi
George Hardie by Akiko Hyuga
Anne Stienstra, GK Industrial Design Associates by Midori Imatake
Push Pin Studios Opens New Media Art Gallery by Shin’ichiro Tora
“Anamorphosis Exhibition,” Visual Game of Perspective by Shigeo Fukuda, Shigeru Watano
Marcel Mariën by John Lyle
T. Yokoo’s One-man Show by Masanori Ohe
Yoshi Sekiguchi: 12 Years in the U. S. A.
New Typography in the Making by Masahiko Kozuka
Dolmen Press by Liam Miller
Basil Pao – A Young Designer from the West Coast of the United States
Works of Kyo Takahashi
Hall of Fame
Ad Directions ’75
Tony Meeuwissen
Literary Monument Designed by Kenji Itoh, Graphic Designer
Satoshi Kondo: Print Exhibition


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Idea 136, 1976-5. Cover design by Miriam Wosk
Idea 136, 1976-5. Cover design by Miriam Wosk

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Gabriel sent me a link to his amazing Uruguayan Graphic Design Archive when I launched Design Reviewed. The content was so amazing, I ended up spending a good hour looking through the content and it has definitely made it to my bookmarks.
Marin Lorenz has had an amazing career, designing for clients such as ESPN and Nike, teaching at some of Europe's leading design schools and publishing books, such as Flexible Visual Sytems, documenting his research and approach to design practice.
I have been reproached for this, and I will surely be reproached again. I have also been reproached for reading more and more obscure works whose readership must be limited to a handful of specialists and a few hobbyists like myself. It’s a heavy passion or a passion that sucks.
Triest Verlag für Architektur, Design und Typografie are a Swiss independent publisher producing specialist design books in the realms of typography, graphic design and architecture. Their books provide valuable insights and the print production is of exceptional quality. I interviewed the founders, to find out more about their books.