Cover Design: Gunter Rambow

Content includes:
The World Masters: 3 Gunter Rambow Heiner Muller
The 32nd Society of Illustrators Exhibition Shinichiro Tora
Kyosti Varis
Robert Giusti
The Sixth Colorado International Poster Exhibition Laura Sandell
Robert Qually / Qually & Company, Inc.
Chris Callis
ERTE Shinichiro Tora
The Trick Shigeo Fukuda
Shitro Tazumi
Swiss Style of Odermatt & Tissi Shigeru Watano, Yachiyo Matsuzaki
Series 19: Art in New York Today Ö@ Jeff Gompertz, ÖAMichael Zwack Shoichiro Higuchi
Special Feature: ’90 Graduation Works of Graphic Design Students Masuteru Aoba
1989 The Mainichi Design Awards
Visual Design Art of 74th NIKA Exhibition
The 50th Annual Exhibition of Art Culture Association
Overseas News, Domestic News, Addresses of Contributors, Book Review and Exhibition News


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Idea 221, 1990-7. Cover design by Gunter Rambow
Idea 221, 1990-7. Cover design by Gunter Rambow
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Graphic design continues to be documented and an increase in individualised documentation and curated social media accounts are furthering our knowledge of design from a worldwide historic standpoint. I would not feel complete without the collected design that spans the shelves of my archive. It’s my identity, my passion and my hobby.
Among the young graphic artists of Berlin, who set to work after the war, Hans Adolf Albitz and Ruth Albitz-Geiß can claim special attention. In a short time, at a period when economic conditions were pretty unfavourable, they worked themselves so to the fore that their names came to mean something in Berlin publicity, and in western Germany their posters are known and appreciated, too.
The graphic designer had to create a series of ads whose new publicity effects were to confirm or accentuate the already existing • image • of the paper. In this case, the planning was not based on a would-be psychological analysis of the reading public.
This book shows, for the first time, all of Hans Hillmann’s film posters. Unpublished sketches and drafts from his estate along with commentary from conversations and interviews provide an insight into the creative process of the award-winning designer.