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Special Feature: Abstract Expressions Today Planning and Arrangement: IDEA Editorial Staff, Editorial Cooperation: Kijuro Yahagi, Special THanks: Ruki Matsumoto Collection, Batsu Art Gallery
Le Siecle Du Design –The Osaka Version of the Exhibition Held to Commemorate the Opening of Maison de la Culture du Japon a Paris Text: Ikko Tanaka
Aboud・Sodano –London Design Unit Art Directing Global Image Visuals
Tokyo Typedirectors Club 1998 Annual Award Text: Katsuya Ise
Teiji Fujii –Visual Insight – creative approach from New York
Visual Design Art of 82nd Nika Exhibition
The 58th Annual Exhibition of Bijutsu Bunka Art Association
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Idea 269, 1998-7
Idea 269, 1998-7. Cover design by Tomato
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Bäumer gave the company a unique brand image amplifying its graphical image after a time of post-war economic recovery. This style of advertising composition can be seen across many 1960s campaigns, especially from other German designers such as Anton Stankowski.

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One of my standout collected pieces is Erberto Carboni’s Crociere 1937 “Italia” Brochure, created for the Societa di Navigazione’s 1937 cruise schedule.
An article by Jan Tschichold illustrated with examples of publicity produced by Brann of Zürich.

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Victorian Graphic Design left a mark on both British and American design history. In Britain, the ornate embellishments served as a symbol of prosperity and cultural values. Meanwhile, America embraced the combination of various design elements to navigate the complexities of a rapidly changing society driven by industrialisation and consumerism.