Idea 315, 2006-3. Cover design by Shuji Tateishi

Idea 315, 2006-3


Content includes:
The Collected Drawings of Aquirax Uno Le Cahier de Coquelicots
Une Recontre sur Papier: A Propos des Objets pour la Conception des Livres Mitsuru Katsumoto
Works of Terry Dowling Design: Vaughan Oliver, Text: D.W.S. Gray
Encyclopedia of Kuchusen Shokyoku Poetry and Book Design of Mio Hibixi
The World of Fumio Tachibanam Fumio Tachibana of the World
Book Design of Yuri Nonaka for Poetry and Literature / On Typewriter: Visible Writing Machine
The Sketches of Chris Cunningham
design mannerism Vol. 4 “Tabula Mundai” Text by Hiroshi Takayama
On Hand Lettering Vol.1 What is Hand Lettering? Koga Hirano, Naomichi Kawahata and Hiroshi Komiytama Design by Hirokazu Mukai
Shinro Ohtake Original Serial Poster [2nd impact] Part 17 Side A(inside): ‘Puzzle Punks 2006’, Side B(outside): ‘Zen Kei I’

Idea 315 2006 3
Idea 315, 2006-3. Cover design by Shuji Tateishi

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