Encountering Books: Art Book Fairs of the world,Distribution and Communication
Shanghai Art Book Fair
Vancouver Art Book Fair
Taipei Art Book Fair
Singapore Art Book Fair
The Art Book Fair as a temporary book space
Bangkok Art Book Fair
Bergen Art Book Fair
Sitterwerk Catalogue: A collection of real encounters and an art library
Translating Unanswerable Questions Which Mirror Do You Want to Lick? Tokyo Edition Tour/Production Record
Which Mirror Do You Want to Lick? Tokyo Edition Insert
Typojanchi 2021 Report
Round table report commemorating the publication of The World on a Sheet of Paper Showing the world the way
Sparkling Fresh Series|CRITIQUE&CONTEXT Vol. 1
NISSHA & IDEA Collaborative. Creativity in Digital Printing Vol. 2


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Idea 397, 2022-3/10
Idea 397, 2022-3/10
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From the design archive:
From the design archive:
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The stories of Norwich’s medieval merchants’ marks is being told in a new book and exhibition.
"Talking about myself as a designer is something that requires a powerful dialogue with my life experiences. In a radical way, I apply an exercise in which design forms become projections of life, extensions of meaning that constantly involve senses."

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Before ascending to fame within the contemporary art scene, Warhol enjoyed a thriving career as a commercial artist. His illustration work was commissioned by various magazines, including The New Yorker, Vogue, and Harper's Bazaar.
The Paris Poster Hoardings of 1938. Posters gleam forth accentuating the melody of this city as they direct the eye to articles of everyday use and above all to people who are the talk of the hour.