Content includes:
Graphicteam by Hiroshi Ohchi
Illustrator Clif Condak by Akiko Hyuga
Illustrator Douglas Gorsline
Illustrator Al Hirschfeld
Illustrator Jerome Martin
On Herb Lubalin by Tadahisa Nishio
Individualism squelchers by Herb Lubalin
Fifteen Award-Winning Type Face Design
German Trade Fairs and Exhibitions by Rene Elvin
British Poster Design Awards 1964/65
Graduation Work of Graphic Art Students for 1965
Young American Designers in Tokyo


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Idea 77, 1966-7. Cover design by Graphicteam.
Idea 77, 1966-7. Cover design by Graphicteam.
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From the design archive:
From the design archive:
From the design archive:
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Wolfgang Weingart's artistic design delved into the intricacies of Swiss typography, skillfully dissecting its elements while venturing into texture and type experimentation. His layered montages radiated dynamic kinetic energy, standing in stark contrast to the minimalist approach of his instructors, embracing a more maximalist aesthetic.
A review of the memorial exhibition of Edward McKnight Kauffer at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 1955 by F.H.K. Hernion

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The advertising has a certain contrast of hand-drawn and mechanical. Produced entirely in black, it reminds us that the absence of colour can be highly effective. Hans Michel and Günther Kieser's illustrations bring a sense of both playfulness and a stylistic approach to a corporate client.

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The best poster designs from Die besten Plakate des Jahres 1957 with a translated foreword by Walter Kern. Featuring the work of J. Müller-Brockmann, Gottlieb Soland, Mary Vieira and Celestino Piatti.