Industrial Art News – Vol. 30, No. 1, Spring 1962


Content includes:
Facing problems of our wooden furniture industry
Design review 1961
Railroad cars: Hagiwara Masao
Vehicles : Yura Reikichi
Optical items: SIS group
Sound Equipments: Omura Ichirö
House Appliences : Minagawa Tadashi
House Utensils and Accesaries: Hattori Shigeo, Tsukio Söichi
Effort for the Improvement Of Domestic Items: Nashitani Sachio
Furniture and Fablic: Mizunoe Tadaomi
Lighting : Nagahara Kiyoshi
A reminder of 1961
The 2nd Kaufmann international design award honored Gropius: KOIKE Iwatarö
The 2nd general assembly of ICSID at Venice: IWATA Yoshiharu
The 2nd machinery design competition
Winning disigns of the 10th annual Mainichi industrial design competition
News, exhibitions


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Industrial Art News - Vol. 30, No. 1, Spring 1962. Cover design by Kenji Ito
Industrial Art News – Vol. 30, No. 1, Spring 1962. Cover design by Kenji Ito
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From the design archive:
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Japan's first foreign film venue, Shochikuza Theatre (1923) is an icon of Modernism. Its Art Deco-influenced advertising, showcased in the 1925 Shochikuza News magazine, offers a glimpse into Japans influences from the West.
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Industrial design was an American design magazine featuring furniture, ceramics, housewares, appliances, automobiles, buildings, radios, projectors, televisions, and many other objects designed for the postwar middle class. First published in the 1950s by Charles Whitney with Alvin Lustig as art director.

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A total of 24 posters were created for the campaign during 1964, using the arrow symbol as a key features, representing power, motion and speed. The handmade lithographs use up to 19 colours, which were individually printed at large scale. The posters also utilise the brand colours red and yellow from Shells corporate identity.