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Die Werbung des Hauses Asbach • New Publicity for Haus Asbach; Hans Bohn; Fran- ziska Bilek; Vom Wesen der Farbenphotographie: Meinun- gen und Tatsachen • [On the Nature of Colour Photography: Opinions and Facts]
Selected artists: Hermann Ahrens, Franziska Bilek, Hans Bohn, Erberto Car- boni, Nicolaus Heideloff


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Gebrauchsgraphik, 04, 1941
Gebrauchsgraphik, 04, 1941. Cover design by Hans Bohn
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Gabriel sent me a link to his amazing Uruguayan Graphic Design Archive when I launched Design Reviewed. The content was so amazing, I ended up spending a good hour looking through the content and it has definitely made it to my bookmarks.

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Stephan Kantscheff (Stephan Kanschev) was a Bulgarian artist born in Kaefer, Todental. His colourful palette and joyous, folk-esque illustrations won him many commissions and his work was celebrated for both its quality and social significance.

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Joseph Binder established his studio, Wiener Graphik, in Vienna. One of the first clients was the City of Vienna’s Music and Theater Festival, followed by many other posters and logos for clients in Austria and beyond.
Theo Häussler's commercial art is distinguished by its clear and disciplined form and its distinct advertising message.