Selected contentes: O. H. W. Hadank; Hadank bei der Arbeit • Professor Hadank at Work; Hadank als Neugestalter kosmetischer Packungen • Professor Hadank, Designer of Packages for Cosmetics;
Selected aerists: O. H. W. Hadank, Ernst Böhm, Gert Pfankuch


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Gebrauchsgraphik, 07, 1939
Gebrauchsgraphik, 07, 1939. Cover design by O. H. W. Hadank
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Simon Dixon is the co-founder of DixonBaxi and has been at the forefront of exceptional design from the start of his carreer. This year, DixonBaxi, celebrated twenty years in business, and their team of forty work with clients such as WWE, MAX, Premier League, Channel 4 and Netflix.

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When perusing vintage publications, I often stumble upon forgotten or undocumented gems. In this article, I compare two remarkable advertisements designed for Sprengel Ltd byHerbert Zumpe and Karl Otto Goetz
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I first came across Kens work in the Unit Edition’s superb monograph, Structure and Substance, published in 2012. Although I had owned a few of the British industrial design magazines, Design, for a few years before, in which Ken had designed numerous covers for.