Content includes:
Ben Shahn. (James Thrall Soby)
Interrelations. (Will Burtin and L.P. Lessing)
AOA, American Overseas Airlines (G.O. Austen)
Booksellers’ Posters in the Romantic Era (W.H. Allner)
Walter Trier. Some of his Lilliput Covers (Georgine Oeri)
The Early Pottery of Islam (Arthur Lane)
Graphic Art on Old Swiss Mill Sacks (A. Rudlinger)
Joan Miro. A Surrealist Mural in an American Hotel (F. Stahly)
New Swiss Posters (Georgine Oeri)
Stands at the Swiss Industries Fair Basle (H. Neuburg)
Calixte. Advertising and Elegance (Colette Vasselon)
Reflections on Original Lithography (R. Wehrlin)
Thomas Theodor Heine (Ernst Penzoldt)
Jo vol Kalckreuth (Axel von Ambesser)
Enrico Bo. A Young Painter in his Old Days (Fabrizio Clerici)


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Graphis 22, 1948. Cover design by Jacques Nathan-Garamond
Graphis 22, 1948. Cover design by Jacques Nathan-Garamond
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In 1964, Sugiura was commissioned by the magazine Design to design each of their twelve monthly cover designs. Creating a series of systems which set the foundations for the design.

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Karl Oskar Blase was born in 1925 in Cologne, Germany. He was a prolific painter, designer, sculptor and exhibition curator. His work included magazine covers, for publications such as Form and Gebrauchsgraphik, stamp designs for the German Postal Service and film posters for companies such as Atlas Films.
“They’ll never stand for that” and “It’s too modern” are, as George Plante aptly puts it, the restraintive thoughts which beset a commercial artist who tries to let himself go.

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Japan's first foreign film venue, Shochikuza Theatre (1923) is an icon of Modernism. Its Art Deco-influenced advertising, showcased in the 1925 Shochikuza News magazine, offers a glimpse into Japans influences from the West.