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Prof. Dr. Dietrich Seckel (Heidelberg):Emaki. The Art of the Japanese Picture-Scrolls
Charles Rosner (London): Jan Lenica
Dr. Jakob Rudolf Weiti (Zurich): 1959. Swiss Posters
Henry Wolf (New York): Art Directors Club of New York. 38th Annual Exhibition of Advertising and Editorial Art
Victor N. Cohen (Zurich): A Zurich Bank and Its Sixteen Windows
Hortense Mendel (New York): Brownjohn, Chermayeff & Geismar, New York
Prof. Dr. Alfred Buhler (Basel): Sepik. A Dying Culture
Dr. Herbert Franke (Munchen): Beyond Human Vision


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Graphis 87, 1960. Cover design by George Giusti.
Graphis 87, 1960. Cover design by George Giusti.
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The graphic designer had to create a series of ads whose new publicity effects were to confirm or accentuate the already existing • image • of the paper. In this case, the planning was not based on a would-be psychological analysis of the reading public.

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Nikon commissioned Yusaku Kamekura to design numerous posters, packaging designs and advertisements for Nikon. He used abstract forms, an impactful use of colours, along with his skilful reduction of messaging.
The first American university to accept graphic designers as members of the faculty was the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, called M. I. T, for short. The work created by the design group reflects the high level of instruction, the realistic setting of the training and the progressive philosophy of this institute.
The UK’s first vintage poster market is to launch as a 3-day pop-up at the Copeland Gallery in Peckham 14-16 May. Entry is free.