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Armin Kesser, Zurich: Ben Nicholson
Mary Gowing, London: Hans Schleger
Manuel Gasser, Zurich: Swiss Posters 1960
William B. McDonald, London: Elle.A New Trend in French Magazine Design
Claudio Bianconi, Milano: Marco Biassoni
Dott. Lidia Crescini, Milano: Andrea Mantegna. The Bridal Chamber in the Ducal Palace at Mantua
Dr. Willy Rotzler, Zurich: The Art Directors Club of New York.39th Exhibition of Advertising and Editorial Art
A. Hyatt Major, New York: J.J. Audubon. Draughtsman of the Birds of America
Hans Pflug, Zurich: Andre and Pierre Gonin’s Limited Editions


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Graphis 93, 1961. Cover design by Ben Nicholson.
Graphis 93, 1961. Cover design by Ben Nicholson.
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When perusing vintage publications, I often stumble upon forgotten or undocumented gems. In this article, I compare two remarkable advertisements designed for Sprengel Ltd byHerbert Zumpe and Karl Otto Goetz
Simon Dixon is the co-founder of DixonBaxi and has been at the forefront of exceptional design from the start of his carreer. This year, DixonBaxi, celebrated twenty years in business, and their team of forty work with clients such as WWE, MAX, Premier League, Channel 4 and Netflix.

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A fantastic example of Swiss design for brand systems is the brand and advertising by Siegfried Odermatt commissioned by Grammo Studio in Zurich.
Triest Verlag für Architektur, Design und Typografie are a Swiss independent publisher producing specialist design books in the realms of typography, graphic design and architecture. Their books provide valuable insights and the print production is of exceptional quality. I interviewed the founders, to find out more about their books.