Content includes:
The World Masters 23: Alan Fletcher Jeremy Myerson
Computer Graphics by Design Office Saru Brunei
Tokyo Illustrators Society Exhibition in L.A. –Tokyo Illustration Now Ikko Tanaka
Fred Woodward and the Design of Rolling Stone Magazine Marie Conde
Ironically Playful Illustration RAFAL OLBINSKI Marshall Arisman
Ecological Posters by U.G. Sato Akiko Hyuga
EU Calendar “Europe – Heritage and Hope” Helmut Langer
Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava ’93 U.G. Sato
Lighthearted Belgian Poster Artist Julian Key Shigeo Fukuda
Product Design for Landmark Tower by Kenzo Nakagawa Masaya Yamamoto
Graphic Design in Guangdong from China’s First Design Annual Koichiro Inagaki
Capturing the Essence Yoshihiko Ueda Kaoru Kasai
Refreshing Portraits Using Computers Ed Smitshuijzen Shigeru Watano, Yachiyo Matsuzaki
The 5th Design Competition in Kagoshima Takeo Yao
Celebrating Shinichiro Tora’s 30 years in NY –One Hundred Graphics Masuteru Aoba
The Netherlands Design Office Mevis & van Deursen Shigeru Watano, Yachiyo Matsuzaki
’93 The Art Directors Club Hall of Fame Shinichiro Tora
The Unorthodox Statues of Fernando Botero Shoichiro Higuchi


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Idea 243, 1994
Idea 243, 1994. Cover design by Alan Fletcher
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From the design archive:
From the design archive:
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The typographic designs produced for the National Theatre by Ken Briggs are not only iconic and depict the Swiss typographic style of the time, but remain a key example of the creation of a cohesive brand style.
Mark Bloom has designs for globally recognised brands, produces some of the finest, most accessible modern typefaces and heads up Mash Creative and CoType Foundry. His type foundry has always been a port of call for our studio's brand projects and he continues to develop these, each with a fantastic print specimen.
The book "Modern Man In The Making" (1939), is a fantastic example of Neurath's work. The book uses Isotype's principles with text to illustrate complex societal issues like globalisation and war's impact on economies, prioritising visual recognition through symbols to aid in memorability—a philosophy that remains paramount in design today.

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Rudolph de Harak designed over 50 record covers for Westminster Records as well as designing covers for Columbia, Oxford and Circle record labels. His bright, geometric graphics can easily be distinguished and recognised.