Documenting the history of graphic design from a personal, growing archive and a series of lectures and workshops.

The Graphic Design Archive

Hi, my name is Matt Lamont and I have collected printed matter for over a decade. Design Reviewed is a personal project dedicated to digitally preserving graphic design history and documenting the vast visual culture from the last century.

It’s my aim to digitise my entire design collection, whilst offering easy-to-digest articles and interviews to inspire anyone interested in graphic design history.

the graphic design archive - design reviewed

Historic Graphic Design Articles

A selection of graphic design articles based on the design artefacts in the archive. Articles discussing aspects of design such as logos, advertisements, posters and book covers. Explore historical context and its impact on the field of graphic design.

By drawing on historical artifacts, the articles  provide valuable insight into the evolution of graphic design as a discipline and its ongoing impact on visual culture.

Oldřich Hlavsa worked primarily in publication design and typography and played a major part in Czech graphic design history. He designed over 2000 book covers and published a series of his own books related to typography.
Interiors was an American magazine published by Whitney Publications, New York and ran from 1940. Before being relaunched as Interiors, the magazine was originally called The Upholsterer which ran from 1888 until 1940.

Design History Workshops and Lectures​

Interested in graphic design history workshops? 

I can bring a selection of the archive to your organisation/class and provide an interactive/tactile presentation. This approach allows participants to engage with the artefacts in a tangible way, providing an engaging learning experience.

Design history lectures can also be conducted online to reach audiences overseas for remote learning opportunities and flexibility, providing a more accessible learning experience.


Graphic Designer Profiles


Design Reviewed are always looking for work and examples of work by under-respresented designers.

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