Gebrauchsgraphik, 1, 1960

Content includes:
Eberhard Hölscher – Hans Falk • Swiss Painter and Graphic Artist
Hans Kuh – Michael Engelmann, Munich Posters and Advertisements
Franz Hermann Wills – New Year’s Congratulations from Vietnam
Eberhard Hölscher – Creative Typography • Covers for American Sample-books
Erich Pfeiffer-Belli – The Illustrator Ulrich Schürmann
Hans Kuh – Jan Bons: a Dutch Commercial Graphic Artist
Eberhard Hölscher – A Serial Advertisement of the «Deutsche Zeitung*
Franz Hermann Wills – Experiment against Routine
«Brudi Mediaevel», a type of the Typefoundry H. Berthold AG, Berlin

Gebrauchsgraphik, 1, 1960
Gebrauchsgraphik, 1, 1960

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