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Design focus
・35th Aspen Conference / Enomoto Ryoichi
・19th SDA Awards Grand Prize Winner NTT / Sakano Nagami
・The Miracle of Genoa: The Future of the Japanese Avant-Garde / Yamaguchi Katsuhiro
・Tahara Keiichi’s “Fin de Siècle” Exhibition / Miyake Riichi
・Landscapes with Letters: Sha-Ken Photography Contest / Otsuji Seiji
・Kitagawa Yoshiko’s Package Exhibition / Aoba Masuteru
・Vivid Light: Two Orthodox Exhibitions / Hayakawa Yoshio
Special feature: Total Scanner System Considerations of digital creativity
What is a total scanner system?
– Color printing and scanners
– Process flow
– Composite
– Tone change
– Gradation
– Rotation, inversion, multi-image
– Multi-cut, transformation
– Brushing
– Mosaic
Future total scanner systems
Japanese peace posters / Awazu Kiyoshi
Art direction by Mizutani Takatsugu / Nagai Kazumasa
Graphic design by Toda Tsutomu / Miyasako Chizuru
Communication design by Gregotti
1st World Poster Triennale Toyama 1985 / Kamijo Takahisa
Ecograda Series ⑪ United States, Australia
Activities of the Japan Graphic Designers Association


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Graphic Design 99, 1985
Graphic Design 99, 1985
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A few years ago the publicity department of Siam di Tella found a collaborator who early in his studies of architecture was attracted by the problems of visual art. His name is Guillermo González Ruiz he was born in Chascomus (Province of Buenos Aires) in 1937. Between 1957 and 1960 he received 18 awards in poster competitions, some of which were of particular importance.
How design can transcend the logics, structures, and subjectivities of capitalism: a framework, theoretical grounding, and practical principles. A new book published by MIT Press written by Matthew Wizinsky.
I have always loved the design work created for Olivetti. The colourful midcentury designs by Italian designer Giovanni Pintori, the minimal typographic poster by Swiss designer Walter Ballmer and my personal favourite the 1959 poster for Olivetti designed by Herbert Bayer. I recently found out Triest Verlag released a new book, Visual identity and branding at Olivetti which contains further work by Xanti Schawinsky, Renato Zveteremich, Ettore Sottsass, Hans von Klier, Egidio Bonfante and Walter Ballmer.

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The designer is unstated on these postcards, which were designed during the mid to late 1970s, but these playful illustrations alongside what looks to be Frankfurter Bold definitely fit the criteria of friendliness and efficiency