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Eberhard Hölscher – Crystal Optics • An Unusual Calendar
Manuel Gasser – Noblesse Oblige in Advertising • On the Work of Kurt Wirth
Karin B. Fischer- Graphic Lettering by Peter Klemke
.J. de Lucio-Meyer – Alan Osbahr, London • Graphic Advertising Art
Alexandre Alexandre – ELLE • Layout of a French Women’s Magazine
Eberhard Hölscher – The Mars Princess • Illustrations by Joel Rothberg
Peter Bernhard – Otto Rieger • Advertising Art


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Gebrauchsgraphik, 11, 1965
Gebrauchsgraphik, 11, 1965
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From the design archive:
From the design archive:
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As a chemist, I have an obligation to be curious – I grab a stack of our chemical journals and start with the advertising section. I start it, the walk through the sand. I don’t want to deny some oases. But soon I’m bored and tired.
I have known Rob for over a decade and I have been a huge admirer of his work. He specialises in reverse gilded glass sign making, typographic murals and traditional sign-writing.

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A collection of letterpresses German brochures from 1959/1960 designed by Hans Geipel for Süddeutsche Rundfunk (SDR), the South German Radio Network based in Stuttgart.
In the ambitious new monograph Rational Simplicity: Rudolph de Harak, Graphic Designer, Volume shines a light on the complete arc of the exceptionally rich and varied career of Rudolph de Harak, showcasing his vibrant, graphic, formally brilliant work, which blazed a colourful trail through the middle decades of the twentieth century.