Novel ways of advertising in the pharmaceutical industry.
Works by Alfred Haller
Anton Stankowski, Stuttgart
Caprioles by Günter Reker, Bochum.
Illustrations and silhouettes Hungarian posters
Sigh of a publicity expert: a 1928 poem by publicity expert Rudolf Schmidt-Mannheim typeset and illustrated by Eberhard Rensch Karlheinz Gottstein, München.
Decorative murals
A Dutch museum advertises: includes work by Dick Elffers, Fritz Bühler, May Roth, Willem Sandberg, Wim Crouwel, Jan Sluyters, G. Stassen, Mart Kempers, Otto Treuman, C.A. Jongejans, and Jan Bons


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Gebrauchsgraphik, 09, 1956
Gebrauchsgraphik, 09, 1956
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From the design archive:
From the design archive:
From the design archive:
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The book "Modern Man In The Making" (1939), is a fantastic example of Neurath's work. The book uses Isotype's principles with text to illustrate complex societal issues like globalisation and war's impact on economies, prioritising visual recognition through symbols to aid in memorability—a philosophy that remains paramount in design today.
Last month (March 2022), I spoke to over fifty Graphic Design undergraduates about the archive and my passion for design history, after which the students had full access to items in the collection and participated in discourse amongst their peers and lecturers. As part of their critical studies unit, the students will be producing essays and content related to the impact, history and aesthetics of selected artefacts.

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The advertising agency played a crucial role in shaping consumer culture by acting as a bridge between businesses and the media and was stated to have started in the mid-19th century.
When Fritz Gottschalk and Stuart Ash joined forces in Montreal, it was a partnership ideally suited to the city's hybrid environment. Gottschalk's training in graphic design in Switzerland, Paris and London was rigid, his background European; Ash, Canadian born and educated, was trained in the North American fashion, though he was influenced by his work with European designers