Content includes:
Nara Picture Book / Katsumi Masaru
World’s Newcomers Outlook ’80
Kimura Masaru
Onishi Yosuke
Saito Makoto
Koizumi Makoto
Yoshida Katsu
Kimura Tsunehisa’s Photo Montage / Nagai Kazumasa
Hong Kong Design Design ’79 Hong Kong-Japan Joint Exhibition / Katsumi Masaru, Allen Lee
Participating in the joint exhibition / Fukano Tadashi, Igarashi Takenobu, Nakajima Yasuteru, Shinohara Eita
Noma Concours ’79 / Noma Shoichi
Japan Tobacco and Salt Public Corporation’s Symbol Mark Designation Competition / Kamekura Yusaku
On the Creation of the Symbol Mark / Kamijo Takahisa
Two People Taking on Signs: Igarashi Takenobu and Ota Yukio / Sakano Nagami
The Basic Forms of Gaudi’s World / Awazu Kiyoshi, Kunisaki Teruyuki


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Graphic Design 78, 1980
Graphic Design 78, 1980. Cover design by Masayoshi Nakajo
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This 1,500 word essay focused on the work of Jan Bons. One of the most prominent figures in Dutch design history. For over three-quarters of a century, he crafted a mass of work with many long-time collaborators.
Direction of Travel is a project by Christian Nolle, a half Danish/half German London based artist and map collector. He has spent decades creating work, often in photographic form, that looks at the interplay between aviation, politics and the cities we live in. Christian is also the Founder and Head of Good Caesar, a design and technology studio.

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The collection of works I've gathered, designed for Olympia-Werke, showcases the height of mid-century German commercial artistry. The work was collated in a branded folder and contained forty brochures, advertisements and manuals.

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As part of their marketing strategy, Kast + Ehinger, commissioned a selection of German designers to produce advertisements aimed at the design industry. I have scanned in quite a lot of their advertising matter, all of which were back-page advertisements from three German design magazines. Der Druckspiegel, Gebrauchsgraphik and Graphik – Werbung + Formgebung.